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Has  your ATM 
been lost or stolen?
Immediately, call 
(800) 528-2273
anytime, day
 or night, 
24 hours a day
7 days a week.
Be sure to tell them
that you are a
member of KEMBA
Credit Union
so that they don't
 think that you are
a member of simply
KEMBA, which is a
Cincinnati, OH
credit union.

Did you give us and
your employer your
new address/phone?
Did you update your
info with 
Online Banking

Click to sign up now!

                *Note* Debit card users!   Because of this year's stores' data-breaches,IF your card is listed on a Compromised Card list, your credit union is immediately blocking your card and reissuing. Please be looking in the mail for a new PIN which will be followed by a new debit card!  Do not throw away any unexpected mail from the credit union before verifying what it is about.
     If you have questions, please call your credit union office. Thank you for your assistance and patience!

Whether you need help financing a new or used car, establishing a Home Equity line of credit, setting up an IRA, or just opening a new checking account, your Credit Union can help you. We offer a host of financial products and services to help you make the right financial decisions.

 (Membership in KEMBA Louisville Credit Union is limited to  Kroger Louisville KMA employees including Central Fill, KDC employees of Zenith and Transervice, and family members of members.) 

 Let us help you SAVE! Click here to printout a Loan Application for PreApproval.
Get PRE-APPROVED by applying online today !
(Be sure to send in copies of household income
 with your loan application.)
(Lowest APR is based on credit score of at least 680
 when the credit union employee 
pulls the report from Transunion using
 FICO-Classic scoring, and financing 80% or
less of the vehicle's MSRP or,
 if a used vehicle, NADA retail+options+or- mileage value.)




The "
What's new" page is where you will find,
 of course, What Is New!
Along with the latest Newsletter,
 you will find additional items of interest.

CHRISTMAS CLUB wadisbursed
Oct.17th. Look for it in your
$aving$ or checking account
unless you get yours via an actual check!
(If you do not have a Christmas Club account,
you will find the enrollment form in your paper
statement or on the Newsletter page of this

Enroll with 
to protect your Identity and have 24/7/365
Choose/Click on the name
Fraud Defender in the Quick Links box
to the left to start feeling safer now!
Even NON-Members may enroll ! 

You've heard the phrase
 "There's an App for that!".
If you have a smart cellphone and our
 Online Banking, then log onto Virtual Branch
Online Banking, select the Self-Service tab to
see the Mobile Money link; then "follow the
bouncing ball" to get the App.
For a simplified setup guide, click here.
To get the ATM and CU Service Center's
Locations Apps for your mobile devices,
see the links for each in the Quick Links
box to the immediate left.

RE: Next holidays Closings-  Closing at NOON
December 24th, Christmas eve
 December 25th, Closed all day

The notice dates above applies to our office, only,
 on Poplar Level Rd. in Louisville, KY. 

Celebrating 80 years
 of serving members!

KEMBA Louisville Credit Union - Front Doors
KEMBA Louisville CU
4017 Poplar Level Rd.
Louisville KY 40213
KAL 502.459.3327

M 8-5, Tues 8-4, W 9-4
Thur 10-5, F 8-5
Holiday Hours:
December 24th  (NOON)
& 25th Christmas
 - Closed
Have a  great
Holiday Season!

Need a MAP?!?
Louisville, KY

(Hours of Operation&Holidays - Click here)

Click HERE for a simple
setup guide to Mobile Money App.


CU Service Centers locator !
To locate a
Credit Union Service Center
 Outlet nearest you
 anywhere in the U.S. of 
America,click HERE! 
To make deposits, withdrawals
 and transfers.
Your credit union is a member
of this network of credit unions
who service other credit union's
members. Kinda like an ATM
but with PEOPLE!


Auto/Truck Loans
as low as 2.99%

Apply by clicking on the Loan
Application link in the
Quick Links box to the far left
Click on the Applications
drop-down box at the
top of this page.
(Specific Conditions Apply)



   Regarding KAL (Kemba Access Line)! 
KAL is your audio response unit, 
24 hour touchtone phone teller.
 Please be patient and listen to the menu 
options before making a selection.
(There are times when you will be
expected to press the pound/hashtag key.)
 Phone (502) 459-3327
and Toll-Free (800) 455-3622.
 KAL, the 24 hour touchtone phone teller!
Ask a teller to help you get set up to use KAL.

 Annual Meetings are the way that all
 members (the owners of the credit union)
 can mix pleasure and business; along with meeting
 with your staff outside the office.
If you didn't make it
May 29, 2014
set your calendar for 2015.
Look for your ticket form in the
statement you receive in April 2015.


THE KEMBA Louisville
Credit Union VISA !
To apply, click on the card above.
(ELAN Financial's toll-free
Phone (800) 558-3424)

 Kroger employees!
You are personally responsible for making
 changes to your payroll so that your
 checking has funds and your loans get paid.
 (Before clicking on any link that will take you
 outside of our website, such as the Express HR
 and Kroger website links, please read and heed the
 information at the bottom of this page regarding
 how such action will be taking you out of our
 website and responsibility. Thank you!)

Click here to sign into Express HR
Click here to go to the Kroger site  

All other members, be sure the payroll
 department at your employer knows
 how much funds you need deposited
 at your credit union.

 Click above to find
out what it's all

 Please be mindful when applying for a
 loan by using any loan application link on
 this site, we are required to ask you to
 send a copy of recent household income
to the credit union!
 (Whether via FAX, email, intra-store or U.S. mail.)
 It is required and needed to calculate your debt to
 income ratio.
If you do not send in the needed
 information, this will delay the approval process.




Please let the March 2012 rough weather serve as a reminder
 that we all need to review our credit reports for any evidence
 of possible IDENTITY THEFT.
Personal items and papers from the tornadoes that hit southern
 Indiana were found as far away as outside Cincinnati, Ohio!
Disasters like this can serve as an opportunity for thieves,
 so let's all be vigilant in protecting ourselves and one another.

Please take time to use the link on the Online Services
 page of our website for the Free Annual Credit Report.
  It does not cost anything to print out your credit report
 for review; then within 30 days, log back in if you have
 anything to dispute/correct.
The website is the Federally mandated site which is a hub
 for all three credit bureaus.  IF the credit bureaus send
 you anything, they may only send you an emailed newsletter every few months or so and will not spam your email account.




 Some of KEMBA Louisville Credit Union's affiliations:
(Please read this before clicking on any links below that will take you away from our website and responsibility. Please read and heed the information at the bottom of this page regarding how such action will be taking you out of our website and responsibility. Thank you!)

NCUA - Federally Insuring your money to at least $250,000. Click for more information!       Equal Housing Lender                                Credit Union Service Centers

 CU Channels - Mortgage Lending          CRI Solutions, Inc - Providing innovation to credit unions.         Accel -Member Financial Counseling


Louisville Credit Union BBB Business Review                           Route 66 Extended Warranty for Autos and Trucks.     

When you click on any link in our website here that takes you to any other website, please be aware of the following quote from our compliance reports,:

·         The member is leaving the credit union’s web site;

·         The member is linking to an alternate web site not operated by the credit union;

·         The credit union is not responsible for the content of the alternate web site;

·         The credit union does not represent either the third party or the member if the two enter into a transaction; and

·         Privacy and security policies may differ from those practiced by the credit union.

Thank you for making note of the above each time you leave our website to go to an outside link!


Member Cellular Discounts with Sprint

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