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Listed below are some internet links and phone numbers of interest.  Many of the internet links will be taking you out of our website.
NOTE:  by clicking on a link to leave the credit union's website,
you acknowledge that you are willingly leaving the credit union's website and going to a website the credit union has no control over

Internet Links and Phone Numbers of Interest
KEMBA Louisville Credit Union Credit Card
Use this link to make a payment on your VISA card or view your VISA statement.
Application for Loan (Printout)    Printout a Loan Application to be Pre-approved !
Apply for a KEMBA Louisville CU VISA Credit Card   Apply for a KEMBA Louisville Credit Union VISA credit card, managed by Elan Financial Services!
  ATM locations
Find available ATMs anywhere in the world. 
Use this link to find ATMs anywhere in the World to use your KEMBA LouCU debit card. As you are leaving our website, be mindful that
 we do not have any control on how that website operates.
Also, 5th/3rd Bank BRANCH ATMs are fee free for withdrawals and to check balances. They will not process any deposits.  ATMs in gas stations and convenience stores WILL charge a fee. Please note!

 Credit Union Service Centers  

Use this link to find Credit Union Service Centers anywhere in the World.
or CALL TOLL-FREE (888) 748-3266   )  As you are leaving our website, be mindful that we do not have any control on how that website operates.

  Virtual Branch Online Banking - Registration Form     You must have a checking account with the credit union to be eligible for Online Banking.  Please contact the credit union to open a Checking Account before applying for Online Banking.
   Click here to view and print the Application for Online Banking.  Thank you!

Please remember that our online banking access is for members with the credit union checking account.

 Get the
Online Banking
App for Smartphone

Mobile Money App Short Setup Guide - TouchBanking

   BEFORE getting the TouchBanking app read this & then log into
Online Banking, the browser version.
Click HERE for a simple
setup guide to Mobile Money App.
Lost or Stolen ATM Debit/Mastermoney card - to report    Phone: TOLL-FREE (800) 528-2273    NOTE!
 Be absolutely sure to tell them that you are a member of KEMBA Louisville CU!
If you simply say "KEMBA" they think of the credit union in Cincinnati, OHIO,
which is not us; thus telling you that they cannot help you.
 Estatement - KEMBA Louisville Credit Union    Estatement - KEMBA Louisville Credit Union
Use this link to go to the Estatement system login screen.
Choose Fraud Defender for your Identity Protection and Repair  
Free Annual Credit Report 
Use this link to go to the hub of the Free Annual Credit Report. No spamming.
As you are leaving our website, be mindful that
 we do not have any control on how that website operates.
The Kroger Company - website    Click here for The Kroger Company Payroll Log-in (also known as ExpressHR).
As you are leaving our website, be mindful that
 we do not have any control on how that website operates.
VISA TravelMoney Card - reloadable
Use this link to reload your VISA TravelMoney Card.
As you are leaving our website, be mindful that
 we do not have any control on how that website operates.
KEMBA Access Line (Audio Teller)
 is now
Teller Line

Phone Toll-Free:  800-309-8559    Credit Union ID: 420

Do you want to know your balance or request a check to be cut to you from your account?   Using KAL to get your balances, etc. will save you time by by-passing the tellers. This service is available to all members whether you have a checking account or just a savings account. Call your credit union teller to get set up today!

  Insurance Systems - KEMBA LouCU members  

   Did you get a letter stating that we have not received a copy of your vehicle insurance or we received a cancellation notice?  You can enter your current insurance agent/information at the link below. Your entry will be verified. If you would rather send a FAX, our FAX number is (502) 459-4528; and it will be forwarded to our insurance agent asap.
Use this link if you have received a letter requesting a copy of your current vehicle insurance policy showing the credit union as lienholder.
As you are leaving our website, be mindful that
 we do not have any control on how that website operates.

NEW! - You can email your policy (or have it emailed) to

  Virtual Branch Online Banking - Registration Form  

  If you have a KEMBA LouCU checking account, online access is available to you!  When your access is setup be sure to check out the Mobile Money app if you have a smartphone. Use the link below to printout the enrollment form, carefully fill in the information, including your email address. We will send the access instructions to your email address. 

IF you have Quicken, click here for a HELP/FAQ on how to import the QIF from Online Banking.

Withdrawal Form (Printout)   Click here to print out a credit union withdrawal form. Complete the form and FAX or mail to the credit union.  Another way to make withdrawals is KAL the KEMBA Access Line - the 24/7 automated phone teller system. Ask a teller to set you up!


PLEASE take note regarding leaving our website via a link:

·         The member is leaving the credit union’s web site;

·         The member is linking to an alternate web site not operated by the credit union;

·         The credit union is not responsible for the content of the alternate web site;

·         The credit union does not represent either the third party or the member if the two enter into a transaction; and

·         Privacy and security policies may differ from those practiced by the credit union.

Thank you for remembering this each time you, the member, click on a link that takes you outside of OUR website.

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