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What's New
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On this page, the credit union will list new items of interest.

Such as:

The latestest Newsletters and other new information! Click here! 

The Annual Meeting/Dinner will be April 25th, 2017!
Here is a link to the report and pictures
! from last year's.
Each year, the tickets request form is in the statement you receive in April (showing March's transactions) Or if you use E-Statement there is a link at the bottom of the
statement for the form. Print out, fill in and return to the credit union to
reserve your place.
DEADLINE for dinner tickets is noon on Friday before the meeting/dinner.

It is the memberships' responsibility to oversee the business of the credit union by attending the
annual meeting and the election of board members. Commit now to plan to attend each year.

Coming SOON!:
Mobile Deposit - making deposits with your SmartPhone and KLCU checking/Online Banking App Mobile Money / TouchBanking app will soon have available Mobile Deposit !
You will need to have a KEMBA Louisville Credit Union checking account, Online Banking access and the Mobile Money / TouchBanking app.  Click here to view the Tips on using it when it is available.

Did you recently receive a request from us for a copy of your 
auto/truck/boat/homeowners insurance?
Click here to go to
our insurance 
agent's website
to CHAT or upload a copy of your insurance!
OR You can use your smartphone to use this QR: Use this QR to head to our insurance agent's website to input your insurance policy info!

Mobile Money - TouchBanking!  
Has some new features! Check out the Thumb Print ID and the Instant Balance.
Note that there is a box to change the LOGON ID, if you need to. For example, if there is only one smartphone in your family but you have more than one KEMBA LouCU member with checking or if you had to change your ID for some reason (just want to or if you had possible identity theft somewhere else).
NEW Mobile Money - TouchBanking icon. Click/select to see short setup guide!


 NEW Mobile Money - TouchBanking icon. Click/select to see short setup guide!  or Click HERE to view a simple setup guide. before you go to the setup screen. Please make note that the App Activation Code is on the same page as the App Store graphics/links.

Fraud Defender is HERE! to help with keeping your Identity Secure! is here to help you with keeping your Identity SECURE and IF there is an Identity Crisis, Fraud Defender will help you get your Identity Security BACK!!!  Enroll now for peace of mind!

 *Note* Debit card users!   Because of the recent data-breaches at major retailers ,IF your card is listed on a Compromised Card list, your credit union is immediately blocking your card and reissuing. Please be looking in the mail for a new PIN which will be followed by a new debit card!  Do not throw away any unexpected mail from the credit union before verifying what it is about.
  On another matter, if your debit card will not work as a debit at a store terminal, try using it as a CREDIT. There are a few places that members are telling us they cannot use them as a debit, though they have used them that way before.
   If you have questions, please call your credit union office. Thank you for your assistance and patience!

*Note*  Remember that your debit card can be used at 5th/3rd Bank ATMs for no fee and you can make deposits at 5th/3rd Bank ATMs, not in the lobby. Most credit unions will not charge a fee for these same transactions as a courtesy to other credit unions. Google 5th/3rd Bank and other credit unions' locations.
Click/choose to visit the "
CU Service Center Locations" link.

IMPORTANT! - Members with checking must 'Opt In' to continue with Courtesy Pay.  If you have a checking (sharedraft) account, click on the title below to view a notice about the change to how your account will be handled because of Federally mandated changes.


KEMBA Louisville Credit Union VISA credit card is available to members! To apply through the ELAN Financial site, click the link below.
  I want a KEMBA Louisville Credit Union VISA !
(When you click on the link above, you will be leaving our website and going to the ELAN Financial site to apply for our VISA.)

 The following is a quote from our website's compliance reviews about the requirement to warn you, the member, that when you leave OUR website that we are not responsible for any transactions/agreements between you and any party; among other things.  Please read and heed.  Thank you!:
Anytime you, the user/member, clicks on an link that will take you from our website (this site you are currently on), please remember that: 

·         The member is leaving the credit union’s web site;

·         The member is linking to an alternate web site not operated by the credit union;

·         The credit union is not responsible for the content of the alternate web site;

·         The credit union does not represent either the third party or the member if the two enter into a transaction; and

·         Privacy and security policies may differ from those practiced by the credit union.

Thank you for reading the above paragraph!           8-)


Member Cellular Discounts with Sprint




Click here to find out more about Accel ! 
Why go anywhere else for credit counseling?


Let CheckRight help you set up a budget for your financial future! 

Route 66 Extended Warranty for Autos and Trucks. You can buy without a Loan!!!

 ARE YOU PREPARED for a mechanical breakdown with your vehicle? Do you have the necessary cash to pay for the rising cost of repairs?  If you answered no to either of these questions then a Route 66 Extended Warranty is an intelligent investment to ensure that you are covered if a mechanical breakdown does occur. The price of vehicles is consistently on the rise as well as the costs of repairing them. Did you know that one in three vehicles will experience some type of mechanical failure in a given year? According to, “the average three year old car has 55 problems per 100 vehicles”.

A Route 66 Extended Warranty not only protects your investment from expensive mechanical breakdowns, but it also comes with a $0 deductible, 24/7/365 Roadside Service, rental car benefits, 30-day money back guarantees, nationwide coverage, and is fully transferable. The Route 66 Extended Warranty is the most comprehensive coverage for all makes and models of automobiles so that you will be able to enjoy your new purchase and have “peace of mind” because even the most reliable vehicle can develop a mechanical problem at any time. 

With the Route 66 Extended Warranty’s Open Enrollment you don’t have to purchase your warranty at the time of purchase, but at any time during the life of the vehicle. Regardless if your vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, Route 66 Extended Warranty has a plan that will fit your vehicle. DON’T GET STUCK WITH OUT COVERAGE!

In conclusion, you can purchase this without a car loan!  Please tell them that YOUR credit union sent you!!!
Route 66 Toll Free  (800)  808-0828        or  contact your credit union Member Service Representative



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