Fee Schedule

Effective October 1, 2019 the following fee schedule became effective. If you are opening a new checking account, upon 90 days of satisfactory checking experience, you will be automatically eligible for courtesy overdraft protection. If you wish to opt out of this program you must notify the credit union in writing.

Service Fee
ATM Withdrawals (7 free per month) $1.00 each after 7 per month
ATM / POS Overdraft $31.00 
Card Replacement $5.00 
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Returns (Drafts and ACH) $31.00 
Courtesy Overdraft Privilege Fee* $31.00 
Returned Deposit Item $25.00
Stop Payment Order $15.00
NSF Stop Payment Order $31.00 
Copy of Check  $4.00
Copy of Statement $3.00
Interim Printout of Account $2.00
Incoming Wire Transfer FREE 
Outgoing Wire Transfer $20.00
International Wire Transfer $50.00
Dormant Account Fee** $5.00 per month 
Account Research per Hour $25.00 
Check Cashing*** $3.00
Third Party Certified Check  $10.00
Processing Legal Request (garnishments, tax levies, etc.) $35.00
Return Statement due to bad address $5.00
Early Account Closure (within 6 months opening account) $10.00
ATM Card Replacement $5.00
FAX Service for members personal business $2.00
Foreign Item Deposit $35.00
Money Order Fee $2.00
Reopen a closed account $5.00
Coin Deposit 2% of Deposit
New Account Number (waived if due to fraud) $10.00
Verification of Deposit/Loans $5.00
Escheatment (Account abandoned 3 years) $50.00

* Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection will be available on your checking account 90 days after you open the account, if the account is in good standing. If you wish to opt out of this program you must notify the Credit Union in writing.


** A $2 Dormant Account fee will be assessed to your account when there is no activity for six months and the balance is less than $50. To prevent the fee from being charged, be sure to make at least one transaction every six months, or maintain a balance above $50.


*** Check Cashing fee applies to members with no KEMBA Lou CU loans and less than $100.00 in aggregate shares.