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Loan rates are based on the primary member’s credit score at the time of application, the model year of the vehicle and whether financing 100% or 80% of J.D. Power total retail value.


When you use the online application, please indicate the correct loan type and in the comments section and be sure to put any information you can give us: year, make, model, options, mileage, etc.

New or Used Auto Loans

Whether you are thinking of financing a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, camper or other mobile, check with us first to get the straight scoop before going anywhere else. Don’t forget to get PRE-APPROVED by applying ahead of time so you can search with confidence!


We can help put you behind the drivers seat of the car of your dreams. In order to make the process of buying a new or used car easy, we offer:

  • Low rates
  • Terms up to 72 months*
  • Payroll deduction
  • Preapproval


New or Used Boat & RV Loans

Let your credit union help you with getting that new or used boat and RV.


With rates as low as 4.50% for 100% financing and 4.00% for 80% financing of the sticker or used retail value and terms up to 5 years,  and in certain situations up to 6 years, any time is the right time to apply. See payment examples below.


This information is good for motorcycles, too!


Contact your credit union for more details or to apply for a loan if you do not use the online application in this website.

Mortgage Loan

For current rates and information regarding all real estate-based loans, contact our Mortgage Loan Specialist (NMLS# 603237) via phone (502) 459-1411 on extension 16 or by email at


All real estate-related loans are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap or familial status as required for the credit union to qualify for Equal Housing Lender status.


Contact our Mortgage Loan Specialist for all real estate questions and details.


(KEMBA LouCU NMLS #414341)

Shared Secured Loan

Seemingly, one of the best kept ‘secrets’ of lending, the shared secured loan is a great way to get what you need and still keep your savings/CDs balances!


For example, you have a nice nest egg in your Savings account and/or your Certificate of Deposits that you feel great about, but you either need or want to do something that would wipe your savings out (or most of it). (IRA CDs not eligible – they are for retirement!)


Instead of taking the money out, use a Shares/CD Secured loan.

Signature Loans

Signature Loans are unsecured loans for various purposes (debt consolidation, small purchases, holiday gifts, etc.). ‘Unsecured’ means that there is no collateral holding the loan, such as a car or truck loan, but is based on your good credit picture and faithfullness in making payments. KEMBA Louisville Credit Union’s stated limit on such loans is up to $7,500.00 ( in a few cases it may be $10,000 )based on the applicant’s credit picture and ability to repay – based on debt to income ratios.


The credit union offers two types of Signature Loans: a closed-end loan (with a stated term limit like a car or truck loan) and a revolving Line-Of-Credit (much like a credit card but without the credit card).


When using the online application, choose the Unsecured Loan Type and in the comments section at the bottom, list briefly your purpose for the loan. As with all loans, be sure to send income verification (paystub, etc.) in to the credit union to help complete the loan process.

***NOTE: You must send income verification to the credit union to complete all loan requests.


Used vessel/vehicle information and values can be looked up at


* Example: Vehicle’s NADA Clean Retail Value is $25K and you finance only $20K on a new to 2 year old vehicle, (and the best credit score) THEN 2.25% APR, 60 months = Rate per $1,000 borrowed monthly factor is $17.65.  A loan financing $20,000 would be a monthly payment of  $353.16 before any add-ons, such as Credit Insurance, GAP+ADR or Extended Warranty.


If the credit score is the lowest score, then on a new to 2 year old vehicle 10.00% APR, 60 months = Rate per $1,000 borrowed monthly factore is $21.26. A loan financing $20,000 would be a monthly payment of $425.47 before any add-ons, such as Credit Insurance, GAP+ADR or Extended Warranty.


All vehicle/vessel rates are Fixed Rates, meaning that the percentage rates will not/ cannot fluxuate after consumation of the loan. The lowest interest rates are reserved for those members with credit scores of at least 720 when the credit union employee pulls the Transunion credit report using the FICO-Classic 04 scoring.

Remember, we do not have Pre-Payment Penalties! Why should you be penalized for being a good consumer? We don’t think you should either.

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89th Annual Meeting

May 24, 2023 at Holy Family Church

The meeting will be held at Holy Family Church, Saffn Center Hall in the Riede Rm., 3926 Poplar Level Rd. There will be reports on our progress over the past year, along with refreshments and door prizes. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. City Barbecue is catering the event. Cost is $13 per person.


Make a reservation by calling or emailing us at by May 19.